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Wine Related Accessories & Gifts
The Wine Wheel
This handy wheel pairs different varietals with the ideal
foods. 28 wines are listed with 4 foods per wine.
Wine Tags
Bottle Tags do away with hide & seek. Find the exact
wine and year you're looking for at a glance, while other
wines slumber on undisturbed. Whether you have 50 or
5,000 bottles, our tags are the best way to organize
your collection. 50 Reusable plastic bottle tags with a
special pen.
Cork Trivet Kit
Pop those wine corks...and create wine corkboards,
trivets and message centers that capture both memos
and memories. Our wine cork products are some of our
most popular, since half the fun is in the making! We
supply the oak frame, mounting board, glue and
instructions. You supply the wine corks. The wine cork
trivet protects surfaces from hot pots while displaying
corks from your favorite wines. Size: about 9" x 11"
Essential Pocket Wine Tasting Guide
Demystifies wine for the novice and a useful prompt for
the professional. This pocket-sized gem unfolds into a
9" x 12" guide to the tastes, aromas, and textures of all
major varietals.
Tastevin Wine Taster
Tastevin with Neck Chain. The tradition of the Tastevin
dates back to 300 B.C. and is still revered today by
cellar masters and wine connoisseurs alike. By
scrutinizing wine in a multi-faceted bowl that reflects
light in all directions you can easily establish color and
clarity. Silverplated stainless steel.. Includes a 41 inch
neck chain.  Gift boxed.
Wine Decanter Funnel  
Silver plated with removable fine screen S/S filter with
attached stem. Wine flows through three holes just
above the closed bottom of the funnel. This causes the
wine to splay, or spread outward, down the inside walls
of the decanter. This oxygenates the wine more,
enhancing the fragrance and aroma of the wine.
Wine Thermometer (Silver Plated Handle)  
Fahrenheit/Centigrade thermometer is removable from
handle (rubber cap holds it tight). Spare thermometer
insert included.
Spieglaue Wine Decanter
Hand made in Europe, the stylish Spieglaue Wine
Decanter has a wide base for ideal aeration of your
wine. Lead-free crystal makes it lightweight so it’s easy
to hold and pour.  The Spieglaue Wine Decanter makes
a beautiful gift at a great value.
Size: 9-1/4"H, 47 oz.
Orbital Wine Decanter
The Orbital Decanter has become one of our most
popular decanters. It features a silver-plated base that
delicately cradles the Venetian crystal decanter. When
removed from its base, the decanter can sit elegantly on
your tabletop and the gentle orbital movement will
provide full breathing of your wine with minimal
disturbance. The decanter’s unique "V" shape design
minimizes the pouring of sediment into your glass. 60 oz,
10 1/2"H.
Decanter Cleaning Brush
This handy brush cleans any size decanter. Flexes to
get all those hard to reach places.
Decanter Drying Stand
Keeping your decanter free of water spots has always
been a chore—until now. This heavy metal stand was
designed in Germany and will hold any standard-sized
decanter after it has been washed. Because the
decanter is held in an inverted position, even long,
funnel-neck designs are air-dried to a dazzling, spot-free
finish. 10"H x 71⁄2"W.
Stemware Brush
The contours of fine crystal and glassware often prohibit
proper cleaning, with a loss of clarity and beauty being
the result. This brush uses soft, compact foam to gently
cleanse, and never chip, break or scratch delicate
CorkPops Opener with Cartridge
Clever and quick. Unlike a conventional corkscrew, this
opener pushes the cork out of the bottle from within.
When you insert the needle through the cork and push
the button on top, an inert propellant lifts the cork up
and out of the bottle almost instantly. Included:
propellant cartridge
Waiter's Friend
Features include: A solid ABS plastic handle, a
stainless steel micro-serrated knife, a five-turn teflon
coated worm, a larger boot that can accommodate
flanged bottles. Various colors available.
Drop Stop Envelope
This simple yet ingenious item is a patented sturdy
bendable metal circle that you push into the bottle neck
to then pour without any dripping. Envelope of two
reusable Drop Stops.
Le Creuset Screwpull - FC-100 Foilcutter
The original 4-wheel Foilcutter removes the foil crown
from a wine bottle cleanly and easily, with just a gentle
twist of your hand. This is an essential and
indispensible tool for wine drinkers.
Traditional Foil Cutter
The traditional foil cutter has been redesigned for
improved ergonomics. The smooth sides feel good in
your hand.
Cork Retriever
Removes corks that fall into the bottle. Stainless steel.

VacuVin Wine Saver
Keeps opened bottles of wine fresh for up to 14 days by
removing the air from the bottle.  Use vacuum pump
over the re-usable stoppers and pump the air out to
eliminate oxidation.

Wine Saver Blister Pack (1 pump & 1 stopper)

Bottle Stoppers - 2
Universal bottle stoppers in assorted colors. 2 count.
12-oz Wine Away Spray
Keep it under the counter or stash it in your laundry
room to use as a laundry pre-treatment. Use on carpet,
clothing and linens. Works on fresh and dried stains.
Cleans and degreases countertops. Fresh Citrus Scent.
Does not contain bleach or phosphates.
Wine Glass Stem Tags - Grape Vine
Oenophilia Grape Vine Stem Tags allows each guest to
keep track of their glass with this customizable stem tag.
Perfect for your next party, use these stem tags on
mixed cocktails or wine glasses with stems. Try at your
next wine dinner to identify the wines served with each
course or cocktail party introducing new cocktail
recipes. Order comes with 25 paper grape vine themed
stem tags.